Dedicated To Students Success:

Providing educational programmes that maintain the highest standards of student performance.


Condusive Environment:

Providing an educational environment that emphasis critical thinking and decision making, reflection and creativity.


Flexible Study Hours:

Providing flexible after working and weekends


Good Coaching:

Providing continuous coaching and assessments.


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Providing private tutoring facilities and home tutorials at any time.


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Providing free summarized notes and study packs and past exam papers with suggested solutions.


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Providing a culture that supports employee success and encourages professional growth.



Green View Tutorial Centre Logo


Greenview Training and Development Skills Centre started in 2007, were it was on a small scale helping University students in small groups and on the private basis were students used to meet lectures one on one, as time went on the group numbers increased from 10-30 students in each group, Then then tutorial Centre expanded its classes and with different branches in Pretoria and Johannesburg Campus, We thank you for choosing us as your entrance to the corporate world and hope that you will achieve your goals and desires. Greenview Tutorial center is one of the top training institutions that have been helping University students for more than Five years especially long distance education. The only college which goes extra mile to make sure that a student has passed all their modules through teaching them the required study material, We provide face to face classes, provide revision and exam course preparation classes before the exams, our tutors provides suggested solutions for the past exam papers to the students and some are done in classes with the students. We provide weekend classes Saturday and Sunday, mid-week classes.


Our aim is to give the best we can so that a student gets value for money. Our lecturers and other staff members are chosen for their extensive academic experience and headship roles that they play.  Their expertise is reflected in the learning programs courses and ultimately filtered efficiently through to students. We always focus on offering learning programmes which are significant, innovative, flexible and adjustable to all. We have helped more than 6000 Unisa students in period of less than five years our pass rate is very good in financial accounting and economics, financial management, statistics and law modules, CFA PROGRAMMES, CTA POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN ACCOUNTING SCIENCE, and CORPATE TRAINING. Join our tutorial Centre and passes your modules with flying colours, finish your degree in record time.

Greenview Training and Development skills Centre strives to embody the basic conviction of the South African democratic ideal; that individuals be given full opportunity to discover and develop their talents and interests, to pursue their unique potentials and achieve an intellectually, culturally and economically satisfying relationship with society. Such opportunity should be easily available and readily accessible to all college learners.


We envision a South Africa where every citizen acquires needed skills that will enhance development, provide our customers with the latest training used in today’s industry and build a long lasting relationship with the business and individuals in the interest of improved workers’ productivity and morale.


  • To provide learning and training opportunities to south Africans
  • To equip learners with needed skills and training that will help them to fully participate in work place and wider community while being respectful and courteous to our customers.
  • To provide a higher level of client satisfaction by exceeding the needs and expectations of the clients we serve in order for clients to get a valve for money.


Tutorial is the process of organizing students into groups to create an optimum learning environment. Greenview Tutorial Centre aims at promoting social integration and the collaboration among students who studying through long distance education, study alone is not easy at all.

  • Tutorials are forums for you to interact, learn from your follow students, taking part will also give you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the course material for the future purposes.
  • Greenview Tutorials facilitate interaction in order to develop your independent study skill which makes you different from the students who do not attend tutorials at Greenview; it helps different students to make the road to success easily, NOT ONLY PASSING EXAMS BUT UNDERSTANDING THE CONENT OF THE MODULE FOR FUTURE PURPOSES.
  • We focus on common problems in the curriculum, key issues and also identify difficult areas which give students problems.


  • Greenview offer’s weekly, Saturday and Sunday classes.
  • Saturday classes start at 08H00-17H00
  • Weekly classes start at 17H00 – 19H00.
  • Sunday classes start at 08H00 – 17H00
  • Our tutorial classes will take a period of 16 weeks, (3 months period) were the most important work will be covered both from the textbook and the study guide, Theory and application of the module will be provided to you, Tutors go through all the work with you in the class, After 16 weeks of attending the classes, we provide you with the INTENSIVE REVISION & EXAM COURSE PREPARATION CLASSES WHERE THE TUTORS GO THROUGH ALL THE PAST EXAM PAPERS AND PROVIDE YOU WITH SOLUTIONS, ALSO SHOWING YOU HOW TO APPROACH QUESTIONS IN THE EXAM.
  • One month revision classes will be provided to all the internal students registered with the college to prepare them for upcoming exams in MAY/JUNE or OCT/NOV.
    Greenview Tutorial Centre offers Revision classes and Exam course.


  • One month revision course is offered to students to facilitate the concepts and make the content of the module more understandable, In simple way.
  • Our experienced/professional tutors have the ability to explain academic concepts in a simpler way.
  • Revision mainly focuses on the work in the textbook and the study guide, through summarizing the notes as well as activities in the study guide and past exam paper’s.
  • Highlighting the important areas in the study guide and the textbook work, our tutor’s make the work easy with valuable insights into your capabilities, your strengths and weaknesses, the more we know about you, the more we can help you.


  • Greenview Tutorial provides extra exam preparation to all the students that are struggling with their studies, studying alone is not easy so come join our exam course today!!
  • Exam course and Revision course takes only eight hours a day, from 08:00 to 16:00 pm, mainly we focus on the past exam paper’s and activities from the study guide, to provide you with the accurate suggested solutions to help you in your exam preparation, We go through all the study units in class but in summary form to make the work easily for the students, Discuss some possible exam Questions in class with the students.


  • We are flexible after working hours and weekends, we also have Saturday classes and Sunday classes to those students who cannot make it on Saturdays and Weekdays. We provide Summarized work to all the students, Our tutors go through all the study units in class with the students, Solve the logical problems in the study guide and text book as well. Greenview College we Work books/Question Banks with solutions to students so that they get used of how the questions are set in exams, And also to practice and be ready for the exams.
  • Free assistance in assignments twenty four hours and we also offer Evening classes and Sunday classes to help students who miss out Saturday and Sunday classes, Evening Classes are taken to be catch up classes if the student misses Saturday or Sunday.
  • Greenview College offers opportunity to students to create online learning amongst them, were most of our students discussing their assignments and study problems together.
  • Greenview College Provides online learning and online tutorials were you meet tutors online and this Programme is especially done at night in order to accommodate all the working students who cannot attend on part time and full time basis.
  • We provide free extra classes to our part time and full time students, were they meet the lectures (tutors) one on one to solve their individual problems.
  • Continuous coaching and assessments were most of our students sit for tests and get homework which are discussed in a group of five students in class.
  • Greenview College provides private tutoring facilities and home tutoring at affordable prices, were tutor can come to your home, office or find him/her at Greenview College.
  • We provide summarized notes and study packages and past Exam question papers as well as past tutorial letters which contain solutions to assist students in Exam preparations.
  • Our students have been doing very well in their Exams at Unisa, from looking at their   testimonials and we always argue the students to study continuously throughout the all semester in order to achieve good marks.
  • Best of all Greenview college provides one month revision course and exam course to all full time and part time students to prepare them for exams, Most of our Revision and Exam Course takes place on Saturday, Sunday and Mid-Week. We argue all the students to always know their class timetable and Revision timetable, If we cancel a class on our side we communicate to the students via sms and e-mails.


We offer Saturday, Sunday & Mid-week classes, Also Full time classes, group classes for students from far who needs just one day class for eight hours and one-to-one tuition for students of all ages, some students who have spent more than 15 years without going to school are also welcome, our professional tutors know how to handle such students. We limit the number of students per class to ensure all the students get the necessary attention to achieve their full potential, and pass their Final exams with flying colours.

We provide the performance forms to students to comment on the tutors teaching methods, coming on time and if a tutor summarizes the work as the student expected and if a tutor provides examples on each unit, or Giving out home works to students every meeting. The performance Assessment forms help us to enable how we can improve and provide a good Educational service to all our students/learners and to make sure we make their pass their exams under all the conditions we face.

Our premises are in Johannesburg CBD but safe, We are in the Safe building which is covered by CCTV, our classes are first are in good condition, Security on the premises is covered by CCTV.We have inside canteen/Greenview Coffee shop provides of food, students don’t need to go out for anything for security reasons, students leave the premises while going back home.

We provide Flexible payment methods to all the students to ensure that every student receives Educational help to pass their Final Exams; Students pay their school fees in the period of three months which can be manageable to all the students.